Sunday, October 4, 2009

Introduction Part 1: Jeff

For those of you who don't know myself or Bridgette, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves. Bridgette will be posting on the blog tomorrow sometime. But for me: My name is Jeffrey Thomas Howell (as it appears on my birth certificate, but that is only a piece of paper anyways so call me what you want). I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and love my hometown, and the Steelers of course. I went to Catholic schools my whole life, have some regrets, but eh it was good so far. I am currently a Junior at Mount Saint Mary's University majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Biology and Chemistry. Currently, I am Vice President of the Environmental Club on campus, a student representative on the ESSC committee, a Resident Assistant, and Mount Ambassador (aka I sell the school). So yeah, busy busy schedule, but I guess thats what I get for being a science major. However, I did get to travel and spend a semester on the other side of the world in Sydney, Bali, and SOUTH island New Zealand (shout out to my aussies). I love to travel and have seen some insane amounts of injustices and inequality throughout the world. I have been inspired to do what I can to change the world. My thoughts for this organization is to inspire others. If I am able to bring out the emotions in individuals, then they will follow the cause and the movement will start itself. Like I said in the first post, what makes us so different? WHY CAN'T WE!?

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