Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Break :)

So Bridgette is in DC right now for the march for equal rights and the green fest (yay environment!)and promises she will update the blog when she gets back to school. But I keep getting yelled at for not updating the post and keeping people informed and all. So right now I am thinking of focusing in Cambodia. Thanks to Nancy, I'm reading the book The Road of Lost Innocence. The book is about a Cambodian girl who was forced into the life of an indentured sex slave- unknowingly of course- and she shared her story with us. So I'm thinking of doing a trip to Cambodia to get a personal story of a female over there. If not I will do the next best thing, see if there is a group in the US who sponsors Cambodians to move into the states and get away from the world of sex slavery. For now it is Fall Break so I will be relaxing for a little bit, reading my new book, and talking more with Bridgette about our plans. Also, my mother, dearest Jude, wanted a shout-out, so here it is Jude: Thanks Mom for becoming a follower!

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