Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trip to Africa?

So for the past week or so I have avoided studying at all costs and instead began to look into service trips and opportunities to go abroad. So I've been talking to people here and a few of us are legit considering making contacts and making our own trip to Kenya or Uganda. Right now we have had a couple thoughts about where to go and what to do. A recent thought by my buddy Will was to bring some joy to the kid's lives at displaced camps. Possibly raising money and getting sponsorships to help build a, as Will puts it, "football pitch". I like it, its different and a gift which can bring the kids a way to leave everything behind and clear their minds a little bitch each day and create a tight knit community. So right now I am emailing people I know, trying to see if anyone knows anyone with an MLS contact or some other sort of contact and go from there. If you guys have any ideas please post them as a comment, we're open to everything!


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